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Achieve Your Smile Goals – A Luxury Dentist in Streeterville

Cosmetic Dental Innovation Creates Superior Aesthetic Results

At Chicago Dental Solutions, our dentist in Streeterville in Chicago is your source for custom cosmetic and restorative dental services. We specialize in smile makeovers and luxury cosmetic dental design, helping clients achieve optimal oral health, as well as beautiful smiles they can be proud of.

We understand the importance of feeling confident in your appearance. When someone has a chipped tooth, missing teeth, or other dental flaw, smiling can make them feel self conscious. Fortunately, the team at Chicago Dental Solutions is here to help restore our clients’ dental health, and provide exceptional cosmetic restorations that offer long term results.

Customized Treatment Plans & Specialty Dentistry Services

At Chicago Dental Solutions, our team consists of experienced dental professionals, including prosthodontists. Prosthodontists are experts in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, receiving additional education and training which allows them to specialize in the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and maintenance of oral function. They are also experts in designing custom treatment plans that help restore dental health, appearance, and comfort.

Our team at Chicago Dental Solutions takes pride in providing patients with superior treatments that offer clinical solutions to their dental health concerns, as well as restore beauty to their smiles. When you visit our dental practice, you will find that we focus on optimizing your dental health, and enhancing your self-confidence.

In order to help each client achieve their smile goals, we are dedicated to designing treatment plans that not only address each patient’s specific dental issues, but also address their cosmetic concerns.

Our team is here to ensure you leave our dental practice with newfound confidence and improved dental health. We put our patients first, which means when you need expert, personalized treatment, Chicago Dental Solutions is here to help. Our doctors are trained in periodontics, implant dentistry, and many more advanced fields.

Implant Dentistry from Our Streeterville Dentist

Dental implants are an extremely effective, permanent solution to missing teeth. This advanced dental procedure involves placing an anchor into the jaw bone, and then attaching a dental crown to mimic a natural tooth.

Dental implants are beneficial to patients who have one or more missing teeth. Implants help prevent jaw bone deterioration, shifting teeth, restore total function to a patient’s smile without need for dentures, and help people feel confident in their smiles once again.

Learn more about dental implants from Chicago Dental Solutions here.

Our Doctors

Doctors Hirant and Nihal Bicakci have many years of experience treating clients with various types of dental issues. They design treatment plans that provide clinically exceptional results, and allow patients to obtain the smiles they want and deserve.

From advanced cosmetic procedures, to full mouth dental reconstruction, our prosthodontists provide extraordinary results to every client.

Our Services

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At Chicago Dental Solutions, we prioritize restoring beauty and function to patients’ smiles by utilizing state of the art technology, personalized treatment methods, and superior procedure techniques. Our goal is always to provide clients with the picture perfect smiles they deserve.

If you are searching for a dental practice you can trust to provide exceptional restorative and cosmetic dental care, contact our dentist on Michigan Ave. in Chicago, IL. Our team at Chicago Dental Solutions is here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams by combining advanced education and experience, with dedication to dental restorations and oral health.

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