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Diagnostic Dental Mock Up Services: Your Try-On Smile

A diagnostic dental mock up is the best way for the dentist and the patient to get a preview of the aesthetic outcome of a treatment. We use diagnostic dental mock ups to help show patients the potential changes we can make to their smiles. This customized simulation process will show you what your new smile could look like.

Think of it as a “test smile” or a “try-on smile” that transforms the shape, color, size, or placement of your teeth. They help you to see the potential end result of your new smile. If you’ve previously had difficulty envisioning what your new smile could look like, our mock-up process will allow you to see and feel the potential smile makeover.

For patients wanting to transform their smile, we strongly encourage them to try this diagnostic mock-up process as the first step in their smile transformation journey.

A dental patient prior to receiving diagnostic dental mock up teeth. A dental patient after receiving diagnostic dental mock up teeth.

What’s Involved with a Diagnostic Dental Mock Up?

1. Initial Consultation

You will meet our team of dental professionals and Chicago prosthodontists to discuss your main concerns and expectations about your smile. We will take some digital photos and using those initial photos, discuss different treatment options for you.

2. Impressions, Wax Up & Silicone Copy

If you are ready to find out how the try-on smile will look like and to finalize your treatment options, we will take some digital or conventional diagnostic impressions. We then have digital or stone models fabricated for your smile analysis.

A master dental ceramist will personally create a diagnostic wax-up using the diagnostic models after analyzing your digital smile photos, occlusion, teeth shape, and form.

Analysis of the patient’s face, the neighboring tissues, and teeth will provide necessary three-dimensional information to give the restoration the correct volume and shape.

We will then replicate the diagnostic wax-up with a silicone index.

3. Diagnostic Dental Mock-Up: Your Try-On Smile

We will put temporary resin material into the silicone index, then place it onto your untouched, unprepared, existing teeth. Once the index is removed, the temporary smile will be ready.

After than, you can three-dimensionally see and feel your new smile, take pictures or even go home with them to show your try-on smile to your loved ones. The dental mockup will give you and our team a chance to discuss if you need to change any shape or form of your new smile.

Finally, iIf you and our team members are satisfied with the mock-up, you can start your dental work at your next visit.

Your Diagnostic Dental Mock Up Specialists

Are you ready to see what you would look like with a smile makeover? Contact Chicago Dental Solutions to learn more about this unique smile transformation technique. We provide diagnostic dental mock up services in our Lakeview Chicago dental office, our River North Chicago dental office, and our Archer Heights dental office.


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