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Your Dentist in Streeterville on Nightguard Appliances

Published on August 21st, 2021

Your Dentist in Streeterville on Nightguard Appliances

Tooth injury, cavities, and bite misalignment issues are caused by a number of things, including genetics, trauma, decay, and more. However, something known as Bruxism, which is classified as habitual jaw clenching or teeth grinding, can also cause these problems.

Nightguards are like mouthguards, however, they are not used to protect teeth from injury and dental emergencies that occur as a result of unanticipated physical trauma. Nightguards, also known as occlusal guards, are designed to prevent damage to the teeth and jaw that results from Bruxism. Grinding or clenching the teeth and jaw at night can lead to TMJ, headaches, difficulty speaking, teeth being worn down, bite misalignment, and several other issues.

Nightguards can also be used to help treat sleep apnea by holding the jaw in a position that helps prevent airway obstruction. Nightguards can be custom fit and customized for patients. This customization makes them safer, more comfortable, and more effective.

Finally, there are a few types of nightguards available, including soft, dual laminate, and acrylic. They are all designed to help treat different degrees of Bruxism, with soft being used for treating mild cases and acrylic being ideal for severe cases. Soft guards are also suitable for those who simply clench their teeth together but do not grind habitually.

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At Chicago Dental Solutions, our team is here to help patients who are suffering from the effects of Bruxism. With nightguard appliances, headaches, jaw pain, and damage done to teeth in your sleep can be a thing of the past. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about your treatment options.

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