What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

When a person’s teeth are badly damaged or failing, full mouth reconstruction is necessary to restore oral function. This type of treatment is geared toward improving the vitality of existing teeth as well as their appearance and replacing lost teeth with prosthetics. General dentists and orthodontists refer many people to our practice because our prosthodontist is an expert at restoring, replacing, and repairing teeth. Most of the time, full mouth rehabilitation involves using a combination of prosthetics and restorations on a full arch of teeth. Our team works closely with a master ceramist to produce beautiful and lifelike results so that dental work is virtually undetectable to others.

When is a Full Mouth Reconstruction Necessary?

Full mouth rehabilitation is necessary when multiple teeth are badly damaged by disease or injury and when teeth are failing or missing. A candidate for this treatment normally has lost teeth to disease or facial trauma or has the majority of his or her teeth damaged by untimely tooth wear or deep decay. When restorations like inlays or crowns are placed, it is to build on existing tooth structure to bring a tooth back to it’s rightful shape and size. For missing teeth, dental implants might be used to replace individual missing teeth or a bridge to replace a series of adjacent lost teeth.

Since oral surgery might be required for tooth replacement, patients should be healthy enough to undergo dental implantation and the subsequent recovery period.

Common Types of Treatments

Rehabilitating an arch of teeth or both arches of teeth can involve receiving custom restorations, dental restorations, and cosmetic enhancements. Following are some of the most common services a patient may receive during treatment:

  • Inlays and/or Onlays
  • Dental Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dental Implants
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Cosmetic Bonding

What to Expect

If you are in need of full arch reconstruction, the first step is to schedule a consultation with our prosthodontist. At your appointment, an oral examination will be performed and diagnostic imaging will be used to evaluate the health of tissues that we cannot visually see. Radiography, intraoral pictures, and three-dimensional images may be utilized to explore the health of teeth, their roots, and bone mass. Diagnostic images will help our team develop a custom treatment plan by taking the health of each tooth into consideration as well as the unique anatomy of a patient’s mouth including bone density and placement of existing teeth. During a consultation, we will discuss possible treatment options and how they will be of benefit to one’s specific needs.

Once the type of procedure(s) necessary for reconstruction are determined, our team will initiate the treatment planning process. Treatment will likely be conducted in phases, and since custom restorations and prosthetics will be necessary, there is normally some waiting time involved. Restoring dentition is a process but the end result is a life changing experience.

To learn more about how we can help get you back to your optimal oral health, call our practice to reserve a consultation with our caring and experienced staff.

What our Patients Say

  • I recently moved to Chicago, and I am so thankful that I have been referred to Lincoln Dental Care. The staff is friendly, accommodating, and informative!  I am happy that I was able to get an appointment, as they are currently accepting new patients!!

    Garrett S.
  • I’ve gone here for a year or two now and couldn’t be more pleased.  I actually first came here because my previous dentist (at a very nice boutique place that I won’t name) wanted to fill a “cavity.”  That dentist was out of network for my insurance provider so I came here to Lincoln Dental Care to get it filled.   Dr. Nihal to a look at my tooth and guess what…. I didn’t have any cavity that needed filling!  I appreciated Dr. Nihal’s honesty (she easily could have just filled the “cavity” and billed me for it) and started going here instead of the other shady dentist I had been using.   Everyone at Lincoln Dental Care  from the front desk people to the hygienist are super nice and professional.   The space is bright and clean and I never have to wait for my appointment to start on time.   A++++++

    Tony f.
  • I’ve been coming here for years and have always had a great experience. Dr. Simeoni  moved to florida and sold the practice to Dr. Nihal Bicakci. I have seen her twice for a cleaning and once for a root canal so far. The place is clean, the staff is friendly and they will have my business for years to come.

    Julie O.
  • I have been going to this dentist office for the past 3 years. I have always been more than happy with the service. About a year ago (or so) there was a transition to new ownership, and the service and entire atmosphere went from great to AMAZING! I cannot more highly recommend this office. From the welcome you get upon entering to the personal touch you get with the technicians and doctor, there is no better place in Chicago. Gentle, thorough, personal, and professional. GO HERE!

    Sam C.
  • Not is the entire staff at Lincoln Dental Care fantastic but they do excellent work. From the moment you walk into the clinic, you are greeted with a smile, excellent customer service and complete professionalism. Stephanie is my hygienist and she is excellent, very personable and through. Dr. Nihal Bicakci is fabulous and professional and I love how she goes over the entire treatment plan with you and then before you leave you get the estimated costs right up front (if you need anything aside from your typical cleaning). I will continue to refer friends and family because they make the whole experience of going to the dentist enjoyable.

    Katie H.
  • I actually love going to the dentist, the staff is so nice and Dr. B knows her stuff. I’ve experienced with plenty of dentists that they trying to get you to spend the most amount of money on procedures, but this place does the opposite. Everyone tries to find the best and most economical solution for you. So grateful to Lincoln dental care for keeping my pearly whites looking good.

    Melissa D.
  • I recently went to Lincoln Dental Care as a new patient visiting for regulatory cleaning and check-up. I was very pleased with my service! I was accidentally several minutes late to my appointment, but the office was still very willing to see me, without any question.
    A hygienist by the name of Stephanie was so personable and friendly throughout the whole process of cleaning my teeth. She did an excellent job and left my teeth feeling very clean. I appreciated her showing me the x-rays and explaining all of what she was doing. She communicated concerns well with the dentist in order to make sure they were both on the same page.
    Dr. Nihal Bicakci checked my teeth and ensured that my mouth was healthy. She gave suggestions of precautions to take at home, and procedures that might need to be done in the future in order to maintain my healthy mouth.
    Overall, I was very pleased with my experience with here. All of the staff I interacted with was very professional and very kind. I would suggest Dr. Bicakci to others looking for a dentist, and plan on continuing to see her with any other procedures I may need.

    Paige B.
  • I’ve been coming to Lincoln Dental Care for years, even after moving out of the neighborhood. I liked Dr. Simeoni  and when she sold the practice I thought that maybe it was time for a new dentist, but Dr. Nihal Bicakci is great.

    I’ve seen her twice for regular checkups and now once for a cavity. Getting a cavity filled is never fun but this was the least unpleasant cavity experience I’ve ever had — that sounds like faint praise but it’s really pretty amazing.

    Amanda R.
  • Excellent from start to finish. The Dentist and his staff went above and beyond in customer service, skill and professionalism. I had previously gone to a Dentist in the neighborhood who had basically tried to tell me I needed a whole bunch of things that I personally knew that I did not need in order to jack up the bill, which left me with a really bad taste in my mouth…no pun intended! 🙂
    I was very skeptical of the next Dentist I would see and afraid that this situation would happen again.

    I saw Dr. Hirant Bicakci today and it was such a positive experience. He really made me understand the real issues with what I needed done and was very skilled in what he was talking about. You can tell that he’s a very educated Dentist and wasn’t trying to sell me all kinds of things that I really did not need.

    His hygenist Stephanie was extremely nice and sweet as well. She went way above and beyond a basic cleaning, spending extra time with both me and my boyfriend who had an appointment today. We will definately be returning to this office as needed from now on and it’s a really nice relief to finally find a Dentist who we can trust.

    Christina r.
  • I have been here 3 times – once for a consultation/care plan and the next 2 for deep cleanings. I will be back for sure. Great staff, very comfortable environment, and doesn’t feel like a dentists office (which is a plus for me)

    Alya J.
  • If you want a Hollywood smile, you should visit this dental office!!!

    Yarynka S.
  • Excellent doctors. You don’t feel like you have a root canal or wisdom tooth extracted. They make things so easy and painless.

    Didem O.

Meet your Prosthodontists

Drs Nihal and Hirant Bicakci, who are both Prosthodontists, have more than eighteen years of dental experience and they dedicate their skills, expertise and education to create the perfect and healthy smiles.

Common Questions

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction, sometimes referred to as full mouth rehabilitation, involves repairing or replacing all or most of the teeth in an arch. The type of procedures and treatment used to achieve a full mouth restoration can vary based on a patient’s state of oral health. For instance, if a person is missing some teeth and has significant damage to what’s left of his or her biological teeth, then a combination of dental implants, crowns, and porcelain veneers may be used.

The goal of full mouth reconstruction is to bring teeth back to their rightful size and shape so that oral function is restored. Restoring a full arch of teeth will also promote a more attractive appearance in one’s smile.

How long does it take?

Treatment time for full mouth reconstruction varies depending on the type of procedures used to achieve the desired result. If a patient is receiving dental implants, his or her treatment time will be longer than a patient receiving dental crowns or veneers. This is because dental implants involve a recovery phase after their placement so that the jawbone can stabilize the implant by fusing to it.

If you are undergoing full mouth reconstruction, our team will give you an estimated treatment time.

What is the cost of a full mouth reconstruction?

The cost of full mouth reconstruction depends on the types of treatments a patient is receiving and whether dental insurance will cover some or most of the treatment. Since this is a highly individualized service that requires custom restorations, we encourage patients to view full mouth reconstruction as an investment in one’s health and wellbeing. At the end of treatment, our patients will enjoy renewed oral function, improved appearance, and boosted self-confidence.